Best online India casinos Chronicles

Did you have one that was five minutes away from a million dollars and. Best online India casinos on the contrary, lost. You were left with your nose, though you had to spin countless riches. You stayed with your kopecks. And you have nothing to do with a million dollars. Speaking about a million dollars, I mean just serious money.

It may not be a million at all. It may be a hundred thousand dollars. Or other money – for example, a million rubles (a little more than fifteen thousand dollars is nothing, of course, but pleasant nonsense). It does not matter how much. What matters is that you missed it. Let’s say that you are now, at the moment, in a state where this very million is at stake (or what you have instead of a million). And the next moment you have to become the owner of that million, although you will never be. But you do not know that.

Best online India casinos Chronicles

And you start thinking about the big money. What kind of thoughts do you have at that moment? I have thought about everything, about the million itself. About what place a million should take, if you will be paid with hundred dollars in bills. What kind of suitcase do you need to take it home? The second thought is that the suitcase is not very big. If I was paid with single-dollar bills, then – yes. It would take much more space. And so – one hundred-dollar bills. As a matter of fact, it is nothing.

Then came the idea of the holiday that you are going to organize. You can spend thousands of thirty or even fifty. And it will be a fantastic holiday. One that will be remembered by everyone for a long time. After that, you began to think that you will buy for this million. The apartment – yes, of course. A nice apartment in a decent quiet town. Next to New York. Or Moscow. Or a private house somewhere near Tula, which is more accurate. Anyway, you seem to have sorted out the apartment. Now it’s a queue behind the car. We are talking about a special car. A house, in which you will live, is very good. But the car should be even better. The car is your prestige. Your alter ego, your Best online Italian casinos own me.

In the car you will be met as if you were a resident of the celestial spheres (although you are a resident of the neighborhood of Tula). I think you need a BMW car. Or something like that. Closed or open, double or five-seater – these are insignificant details. Then, after the car, there is a good computer on your list, good clothes, decent clothes. A million dollars is probably not enough. Well, if it is less than a million (15 thousand dollars, I remind you, is worth a Russian million), then this is outrageous in general.

To win means to win… And at that moment they take away your winnings. Yes, they take away and that’s it. You clap your eyes, you do not understand anything. And there is nothing to understand. There was a winnings, but all sailed. Still, it is good that you are outraged by this winnings. A million… What do you think? We may not even win a million. If we are lucky again, of course. But the second time is usually unlucky. And the second time we have to wait a long time. Twenty years, at least. Or even more.