Card poker as a modern disease best casino in prague

We have been playing poker for many years. And we notice that for some people he has, let’s say, a complex effect. Yes, poker is a game for intellectuals. For best casino in prague unusual people who know how to live mental pleasures. For whom the game turns into a real joy. For whom she becomes a true miracle.

But man is not a single game alive. There are still joys of love, family, work. There is a track record of accomplishments, without which we cannot get anywhere. There is a lifetime in which poker plays the same role as any other value. But only. Without poker, a person can survive. Without work and family – no.

However, for some people the opposite happens. Fortunately, there are very few such people. They suffer from a strange mental illness, which can be called “poker fever.” And I really hope that among our readers there are no such people at all. And yet. These people behave in life almost exactly like any other. I repeat – almost, as long as there is no place for poker in their life.

But here comes poker. Cards are shuffled and dealt. And for these people, absolutely everything stops. The desire to work dies. The marathonbet casino mobile people they loved go nowhere. Absolutely everything leaves – family, children, parents. There is no place for a personal car, clothes, some expensive tsatsk. Only the game remains. The game and nothing more. Needless to say, these people are constantly playing poker. They are sometimes lucky. But only occasionally.

Card poker as a modern disease best casino in prague

Winning a half, they lose millions. Cards do not like them (although they themselves love cards). The game is not for these people. But nothing can be done. They absolutely do not care. They play and play. Until, until they are completely lost and become slaves to those people who have repeatedly loaned them. Although, however, what kind of slavery are we talking about? Slaves no longer exist. And they must not be enslaved. They need to be treated.

Including – from a drunken game, which for them turns into continuous deprivation. By the way, there are not many ways to recover, as it may seem. Suppose they should be prohibited from playing. Just ban. But firstly, where is the guarantee that this person is sick? That the game definitely harms him? Who can say this – including psychologists? Secondly, how can one forbid what other people are allowed to do? How to implement this (just do not need about Russia, the ban is there, but for completely different reasons)? In short, the case is getting a bad turn – if we talk about measures to curb this disaster.

The disease is very difficult to diagnose. It’s hard to treat her. But treatment is necessary – because we remain human beings. And how people are not without such a quality as compassion. In the end, these people are really sick. Let a rare, very rare disease.