Marathonbet casino review world’s best bluffers

In order to learn to bluff well in poker, you need to be able to read your opponents and, of course, know the game itself as your Marathonbet casino review five fingers.
Practice sharpens the skill. But before that you should learn from the best bluffers of all time.

Miss Finland is playing her game

When you fight for first place with $1 million at stake, you shouldn’t miss your chance.
During the PokerStar’s TV show “Shark Cage”, Sarah Shafak made an incredible move against Ronnie Bard, who proved to be such a bluff as he could only succeed once in his life.

Tom, that man

Marathonbet casino review world's best bluffers

Just a couple of years ago, Tom Dwan miraculously beat two of the most famous poker players: Greenstein and Eastgate.

He risked everything, and then just said: “As for my thinking process… I just throw chips on the line hoping to win or something like that.”

Well, that’s a great way to get to the front page like a real pro.

The irrepressible Phil, who always went to practice

You must have heard of Phil Ivy and his fierce hand at the 2005 Monte Carlo Millions, where he won first place and $1 million (chased by Paul Jackson who won $600,000).
This move has made him a legend, and by watching this video you will understand why:

Playing cards, playing players

Some players just stump their opponents, don’t they? And what a performance for all the other spectators!
Ladies and gentlemen, in person, Isaac Huxston vs. Ryan Dowt at the 2007 Caribbean Adventure:

Better than the best

Marcello Marigliano has succeeded in something that many have failed: to challenge Tom Dana himself, going at full speed to a huge bluff against him.
To do this, you need to have a real intuition and instinct of a gambler.
Especially if at stake are your own $200,000 and you play Marathon Bet against one of the best professional players in the world.


Spectators of the 2011 High Stakes Poker’s tournament were amazed by Brad Booth’s bold hand against the one and only Phil Ivy.