Play poker money rating online India casinos

Playing poker without having money is a high art, it should be rating online India casinos admitted. Basically, the art of deception. You look like a nouveau riche. You throw money, smoke expensive cigars, do not look at the price of drinks. You just live – easy and fun, as if you absolutely do not care what and how much it costs. In fact, you have calculated everything long ago.

You are painfully smoking a hundred-dollar cigar, knowing that this is a full hundred dollars, not three pennies. You order an expensive cognac and slowly puff out of the glass, trying to stretch your pleasure longer. And what to pay at the end – you do not know at all. Somehow we will pay. I mean something. Usually, at this moment, some combination turns up. Like a profitable player with whom you can play a game and win a few hundred dollars. Or you become a mentor to some guest, teaching him the game of poker. Or something else – no less attractive and no less profitable. In poker you are always lucky – except for the losses, which take away all your money.

Play poker money rating online India casinos

It is hard to call it luck. But on the whole, everything is fine. You have the opportunity to play and win. I am talking about the opportunity, not the winnings themselves. So I have the right. But this time you are not particularly lucky. You’ve been blabbing all night. And you have not found anything. Not a single smart and, most importantly, money player. All in vain. Your wallet is completely empty. What to do – you have no idea. Hands out the croupier. No, he doesn’t lend you money – this is almost impossible for him. He is completely independent. And even a serious nouveau riche can’t bribe him. No, he just tells you that you seem to have a bad day. And Online casinos in Italy that over there (he shows you somewhere far away) there is one person who needs extra support.

And that I can be that support if I behave carefully. I thank the croupier and slowly go where he pointed. And everything suddenly turns out. My advice is accepted with gratitude. I treat this man with my expensive cigar. And he accepts it – to share his winnings with me later. And he will surely share it – if the winnings are quite real. And it will be very real. And everything is gradually getting better – except that I am still a poor man, playing with fabulous wealth. But only our croupier knows about it. And that… not completely.

It is a very heavy share – to seem rich and to be poor at the same time. But – what can we do? This is the fate, I think, thinking about my momentary problems. And again I see a potential client. And again I make a stand. To play my game with this money later on. And… again to lose everything.