Poker games best Indian online casinos

Playing poker best Indian online casinos is a game of luck. Every time you have to think – whether you will be lucky or not. Whether you will win or lose. You are on a horse or under a horse. Meanwhile, sometimes the game goes so far that the price of it becomes the whole life. Yes, all life with all its sins and doubts. And somewhere there is you. The lonely, lost son of his nameless fatherland. You are fighting demons, although, in fact, these demons have quite human names. And they do not have demonic faces at all.

They are ordinary people. But they behave like demons. The game goes further and further. And now you’re already fighting on the outskirts of your home (although playing and thinking about your home). You are fighting for your family. For your wife and children. Finally, you take up fighting for your own life… It’s all a distraction. Fighting for your wife and children, fighting for your life. Who needs it – your life? Missing, built on a logical principle, completely broken … You begin to feel sorry for yourself.

Poker games best Indian online casinos

And slowly you slip down even more to lose. All these thoughts overwhelm you at the moment when your position becomes shaky. When you are insecure with the cards. When you have nothing to bet on. And when you still bet, thinking that this bluff saves your fate. The game of life itself is not that by any means. Perhaps, it was once. People lost their lives and went into slavery after that. But now there is no slavery. Therefore, your life is not worth anything. You just play, for which you will never pay. You are playing. Although at the end Best Italian online casinos of the game you may just be beaten.

And you will be kicked out on the street – as a failed player… Sad fate. And absolutely insignificant actions the game which has come to such sad fate. The question – why did it happen? After all, you can’t play a game if you don’t have money to cover a possible loss. You can’t do it without money. And with money – you can. You play for a victory, meaning defeat. In this case, you can win, but you can also lose. Ordinary people do so. Play and win. Or lose. Both do with the mood. I would even say with a good mood. It’s about an ordinary loss, which only takes away your extra chips (or money). And life itself is out of the question here. But we are not talking about ordinary people.

We are talking about people who have fallen into a terrible dependence on the game. And losers are the very reasons to live safely and with dignity. These people are very few in the world. And they are deprived of the main quality – gambling. That is why they do not exist in poker. To be more precise, there is practically no such thing. And if they do, they are dealt with by the security of gambling houses.