Random Wild in casino – features an option

Standard Wildcards have ceased to amaze gamblers – and software developers have created a new version of them. Random wild symbol appears on the screen suddenly, rather than activated according to the conditions, as usual Wild. Options and features of Random Wild may vary, all depends on the fantasy of the developer.

Features of using Random Wild characters

Random wild characters appear in both the main and additional game. There are no rules for using these Wilds that are the same for all slots, you can highlight the common ones:

  • There are no conditions to access Random Wild in machine descriptions and payout tables, but its appearance is due to certain situations. It can be a drop-out of certain combinations, activation of animation, bonus game video, etc. Tracking the pattern is unlikely to work – the manufacturer¬†top online casino¬†usually uses a random results generator in each round;
  • Random Wilds cannot predict their appearance even over long distances;
  • Standard jokers will help to increase the benefits of Random Wild. If they are highly rated in the payout table, Random Wild symbols can bring generous winnings by appearing on reels.

An important plus is that players do not have to fulfill any https://rating-casinos.com/ conditions to access such Wilds. In some ways this is a disadvantage, because the client online casino can not affect the activation of random wild symbol.