Temporary Debriefing marathonbet casino review

Game over. We are very tired. And we end the game, leaving small wins to our opponents. Enough with us. We have already won the bulk of the money. We took most of the box office. In short – that’s enough.

We rest with arms outstretched. Then we get up and go to the smoking room. Here we straighten the tie and marathonbet casino review light a cigar … Still, it’s good that there is a games room. And that after the game you can relax a bit. You descend into a chair standing by a burning fireplace. You have a cigar in your hands.

And next to it are your chips. These are the hundred-dollar ones. And these are ten-dollar ones. But most of all small chips – one-dollar. Your winnings amounted to … breathtaking money. But this is the kind of money that will allow you to play next time. And then more and more. And win, say, a hundred Marathon Bet thousand dollars. Or maybe a million. You never know? You lose the circumstances of today’s game again. And marvel at how many nuances passed your attention.

Take, for example, the moment of confrontation between you and your main opponent for your bluff. You held it for a long time, raising the price. And in the end he gave up. And I could not pay for opening your cards. And you had a good square. Such a square, with which you are both in fire and in water. Then you recall another moment of the game – when you stood in another bluff. You were pressed to the full extent. And you – resisted. And as a result, we won the match.

Temporary Debriefing marathonbet casino review

That is, they took all the money that was played out at that time. You have had many winning situations. And in all of them you showed a good game. It was a great day. There is something to remember. However, this is not always the case. Last Sunday you had a bad day. Very unsuccessful. But you lost just nothing – three hundred or four hundred dollars.

The fact is that you knew for sure that you can’t play the game. And they insisted on the minimum rate, which they lost their hands. They lost hands, but not in vain. Today you recouped. And you have to go home … You get up and go to the cashier. And here the cashier exchanges your chips for money. He respects them. Counts and hands them to you on a tray.

You throw a few dollars aside. This is for him for services. “Thanks, Victor!” – you say. And look at him – how he hides these ten dollars in the cash desk. Then you put on a coat. And go outside. You are going home. Snow crunches underfoot. And your soul is very calm. You are the winning person. You are the winner. Near the entrance to the house you are trampling a bit – to knock down the snow.

And enter the living room. Everything that happens to you happens in reality. And you are a little surprised by this. You are not used to this … Or are you used to? Yes, it seems used to. Now go to sleep. To sit down at the game again tomorrow.