Three silly myths about slot machines that make many people afraid to play in casinos

Casino and top slot sites spanish are shrouded in many myths. Most often negative. The main ones boil down to the fact that the player is always cheated and that it is impossible to win at the casino.

For most experienced players, it is obvious that gambling is, first and foremost, fun to spend a good time. And not at all hard work, the goal of which is to win.

Those who come to casinos and gambling halls to relax and have fun are more likely to get what they want.

Those who try to use casinos to make money are likely to be disappointed. They may even be severely punished.

Unfortunately, the myths that all casinos are based on cheating and that there are always clever strategies to defraud people behind simple slot machines, are not very helpful to the other players.

Having heard somewhere myths about how “the slot machines work”, they are simply afraid to play.

In this article, we will examine three such popular myths.

The myth of the “blank reels”.
This myth was born long before the advent of spanish best online slots. Some gamblers believed in the idea that there is a pattern – if the slot machine does not pay out winnings for a long time, it means it will soon give out a big win. And maybe even the jackpot.

This misconception has nothing to do with the truth in classical slot machines. And it is even more absurd to believe that something like this is possible in online slots.

Winning combinations in slots are randomly generated before you start spinning. The probability that you will predict when a winning combination is going to happen is close to zero. And the amount of time a particular slot has not yielded a win has nothing to do with the chances of winning in the near future.

However, due to the popularity of this myth, many players, barely having tried the slots, come to the conclusion that it is simply useless to play.

You have to press the buttons “right” somehow.
This old myth is associated with the fact that by pressing the button slot machine in some “special” way, you can increase your chances of winning.

Of course, this is complete nonsense as with licensed slot machines, and even more so with slots in online casino

s. It’s hard to push the buttons “especially” on the Internet at all, isn’t it?

However, having heard about such a myth, many novice gamblers quit playing. They believe that without special knowledge about the special secrets of handling slots in the game they do nothing.

More bets – more money.
Another persistent myth is related to the number of bets and potential winnings. Some players believe that if you make a lot of bets, even small, the machines are more “benevolent.

No objective reason to believe in this myth. Have to say it again – the slots produce the results of spins solely in accordance with the random number generator. There is no way to influence it.

However, this myth scares many players away from slot machines. They believe that the chances of winning is only if the end to make a huge number of bets. And this requires money and patience.